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Commercial Business and Office Moving Tips for a Successful Company Move from Waters Moving & Storage of Martinez California

1- Get a Mover Coordinator on Board as soon as possible.

Moving your office or business with the help of a Professional Move Coordinator will make your local business or office move much easier and less stressful.

Your very own Project Manager acts as your single point of contact, coordinating and supervising the relocation process from start to finish, including the management of multiple service providers.

2-Delegate Tasks, Build Your Team to oversee the move and meet together often.

You Can’t Over-plan your commercial office move. You have a professional move coordinator on board from your moving company, but you also need an internal team to help you with the moving logistics, timeline, department special needs and planning and to work with your move coordinator.
Delegate and communicate with your internal and external teams often.
Be sure that each person is clear on what their jobs and responsibilities are and what the timeline is for them to have things done… communication is key!

3- Start Early
Even if you don’t have all the details ready or solidified, start the moving process early. Get your team on board early and get ideas flowing, processes in place and set up your timelines early on. Chunk things down in smaller, measurable pieces that can be checked off a list. And yes, a to do list can make your life and your teams life much easier.

4-The Grand Design
What will the new office, business space or commercial location be like? Have a design in place as to who and what goes where. From office furniture, files, who is in what office space and where supplies, displays etc are located , what services need to be set up in advance, what needs to be transferred at the last minute or ordered weeks or months in advance. Your move coordinator will be very important in helping you with your grand design and coordinating services at both your new and old locations. Your internal team should have a team leader that oversees the internal moving aspects and works hand in hand with the professional move coordinator.
Both team leader and move coordinator as well as moving crew should have a layout of where things will go on moving day.

5- Be sure to have someone, besides yourself, on each end of your move locations. They can monitor, answer questions and have the layout and design specs in hand when items start arriving. Your professional move coordinator will be working hand in hand with the moving crew as well as you and your staff to make sure everything goes off as planned.

When you work in a busy office, business or commercial setting, getting things done quickly is important and better for business. But, there’s a difference between fast-paced and rushed. Rushing is the result of taking on too much at once. In the case of moving, that means leaving too many things to the last minute.
It takes thoughtful planning and a professional commercial/business/office moving company that really knows what they are doing to pull this off without a hitch. Otherwise, costly mistakes can be made.

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