Helpful Hints and Tips for Residential Move

 Here are some Helpful Hints and Tips that will save you time & money on your residential move. The following is a list of things that you can do before we arrive that will save us time and therefore save you money on your move.

– Beds Disassembled

– Mirrors & Pictures Removed From Walls & Dressers

– Desk Items Must be Removed (put in paper bag & place in back of drawer)

– Dresser Items Placed into Boxes ONLY If Breakable

– Remove Personal Effects & Valuables From Drawers, Shelves, etc

– Disconnect Ice Maker (remember to turn water off first)

– All Boxes Sealed, Labeled with Your Last Name & Placed in Central Location

– Lamps & Lampshades Must be in Cartons

– Driveway Cleared of Cars, Boats and Motorbikes

– Items Removed From Attic Before Move Day

– BBQ Cleaned Out

– Gas Emptied From Lawn Mowers & Other Machinery

– Plan Ahead & Inform Movers Where Items Will Be Placed In New Home

Wardrobe boxes are provided on move day.  Utilize the space in the bottom for sheets, pillows, shoes, stuffed animals, purses and other like items.

Plan ahead and inform movers where items will be placed in new home upon arrival.

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